Midwives, O&G doctors; Doctors and nurses working in abortion services: Barts Health

At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Be familiar with some of the key messages in the LoC SDI e learning package
  • Be able to access the learning required for LoC SDI
  • Know how to supply and administer a subdermal implant under PGD
  • Be able to demonstrate in insertion of a subdermal implant on a model arm competently

Welcome, Introduction and guided tour of the training requirements for LoC SDI-IO, Highlights of eSRH Modules 8 & eSRH Module 17; Guide to the FSRH SDI Guidelines; PGD training; Model Arm Training; Q+A, Planning the clinical training

The following online training MUST be completed before the study day

FSRH Contraceptive counselling course https://www.fsrh.org/education-and-training/fsrh-contraceptive-counselling-online-course/

Dr Jill Zelin; Dr Gabriella Fine; Dr Emma Abery; Ms Rose Benskin; Dr Janet Barter