Urinary Catheterisation Training 

Course overview

Urinary catheterisation procedure, and management / care of urinary catheter (anatomy/ physiology, indication, bladder washout,

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Qualified Nurses

To be able to insert, manage and care for urinary catheter (male and female) effectively

Legal issues/ Code of Conduct/ Trust guidelines, Anatomy and Physiology,  Indication, catheter selection and catheter care, video on application and removal of Statlock in presentation Shown different types of catheters, intermittent self-catheters, urinary drainage bag and catheter valve,  Urinary catheter and sex/sexuality, trouble shooting, Bladder irrigation and washout,  Video on Flexible cystoscopy for regular catheter blocker,  Principles of catheterisation/ procedure

Juliana Tinhunu and Zahirah Hanzaree

Can you all please bring the following to be used by yourself for a practical session in the afternoon:

·        Catheterisation pack

·        Instillagel 11 mls or 2 of 6 mls

·        2 pairs of sterile gloves

·        Urethral catheter Size 12 or Size 14

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