Aspiring Clinical Leaders

Course overview

This programme aims to enhance previous skills, knowledge and experience and embed the underpinning values related to the role of the Band 6 nurse/ Midwife/AHP.

To develop the skills set required for the role, creating an effective and efficient Band 6 leader who understands team dynamics and establishing change, exploring and reflecting on the challenges of introducing and maintaining change within the workplace in order to benefit patient care and improve services

Empower the learner as a critically reflective practitioner, developing their ability to problem solve, critically analyse situations and responses in their leadership role and be confident in their practice as a leader within Bart's Health.

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Band 6 nurses, midwives and Allied Health Practitioners (AHP) who have the full support of their line manager to attend this programme in its entirety.

  • Critical exploration of the management, leadership and innovation theories pertinent  to healthcare practice and how these might be effectively applied to healthcare  services to enhance patient care 
  • Critically appraise and apply a range of healthcare change management theories to address practice issues
  • Critically analyze their own role as a health professional and the role of other healthcare professionals and how they might collaborate to provide outstanding care and leadership
  • Demonstrate the ability to competently apply the NHS Leadership Framework to your current role and how that underpins your clinical practice and enhance patient outcomes
  • Critically summarises and analyse research findings and communicate them effective using different media  to become a confident digitally literate and innovative healthcare leader and provide outstanding up to date patient care







Inspiring shared purpose

Introduction to the Programme

NHS Leadership Framework



Leading with Care

Career Timeline

Importance of self-awareness – reflective models

Patient feedback, serving our community

Psychological Safety



Evaluating information

Workforce challenges, retention and attrition

Evidence based practice



Sharing the vision

Shadowing a Leader - A day in the life of a leader who inspires you



Connecting our service

Reflection from the shadowing opportunities

Quality & Service Improvement methodology Part 1


Engaging the Team

Quality & Service Improvement methodology Part 2

Wellbeing Conversations



Holding to account

Coaching, mentoring, Role modelling

Communication – respect and dignity

Inclusive Leadership



Developing capability

Facilitating and supporting learning in the clinical environment



Influencing Results

Career pathways and developing opportunities



Summative Assignment Submission deadline

Aspiring Leaders  Conference


Ana Santos

Vena Lumpaguidi

Hafsoa Begum



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