All staff

  • To understand how to identify delirium and what individual’s role are in responding to it.
  • To understand the benefits of therapeutic engagement for people living with dementia
  • To understand the difference between ‘symptoms’ and ‘behaviours’

A one day conference which will feature a number of expert speakers on dementia and delirium. There will be a focus on the benefits that therapeutic engagement bring to patients and how vital, but yet sometimes overlooked,  kindness is. 

A series of talks and interactive sessions on dementia and delirium from:

  • Sophie Edwards, Geriatrician, Barts Health NHS Trust
  • Tommy Whitelaw, Inspirational Speaker, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland
  • Rachel Thompson, Admiral Nurse, Dementia UK
  • Dementia & Delirium Team, Barts Health NHS Trust
  • Helen Scott, Stories that Speak

Dementia and Delirium Team

  • Lynda McNab 
  • Jane Ikeagwu
  • Sharling Bovell
  • Eva Rowe
  • Kate Young