DSC 0295

(RESUS) Basic Life Support (Adult and Paeds)

This is the minimum level of resuscitation training required for all clinical staff. This should be undertaken at least every 2 years.

(RESUS) Heart Start

To provide non clinical staff the knowledge and skills to manage common medical emergencies including cardiac arrest.

This course is suitable for all administration staff, domestics, chaplains and receptionists.

(RESUS) Rhythm Recognition

To provide clinical staff in acute areas with the knowledge to interpret ECG rhythm strips.  This is applicable for Cardiac Physiologists and ODPs.

(RESUS) Twelve Lead ECG

To provide clinical staff with the knowledge to interpret 12 lead ECG.

This course is available to staff that have attended the Rhythm Recognition Course within the last 6 months.

DSC 0285

RESUS - Train the Trainer Basic Life Support

To teach staff how to teach basic life support training.