• Non-frontline staff redeployed to frontline clinical roles;
  • Registered nurses Returning to Practice

Participants will:

  • gain knowledge and understanding of current nursing practice;
  • update knowledge and understanding of infection prevention and control;
  • be able to recognise and manage a deteriorating patient;
  • be confident to safely deliver direct patient care in a compassionate and professional manner;
  • be able to maintain own resilience

A blended approach to teaching/learning focusing on renewing, developing and enhancing the clinical skills necessary for safe bedside care;

The course is divided into three;

  1. Pre-Learning (participants will be expected to undertake some pre-learning. This is essential as the first part of the face-to-face will be drawing on information contained in the pre-learning material);
  2. Facilitated skills update (including BLS, IPC, EoL, NEWS, E-Documentation);
  3. Ward Simulation (participants will admit, care for and discharge patients in a simulated environment.

Debrief – at the end of the day, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their learning.

NMAHP Team (Valery Small, Yasmin Ali)

This course will run weekly on Tuesdays. Commencing 28 April  - until 26 May.

At the Education Academy, RLH, 09:00-17:00.