• Non-frontline staff redeployed to frontline clinical roles;
  • Registered nurses Returning to Practice

Participants will:

  • gain knowledge and understanding of current nursing practice;
  • update knowledge and understanding of infection prevention and control;
  • be able to recognise and manage a deteriorating patient;
  • be confident to safely deliver direct patient care in a compassionate and professional manner;
  • be able to maintain own resilience

A blended approach to teaching/learning focusing on renewing, developing and enhancing the clinical skills necessary for safe bedside care;

The course is divided into three;

  1. Pre-Learning (participants will be expected to undertake some pre-learning. This is essential as the first part of the face-to-face will be drawing on information contained in the pre-learning material);
  2. Facilitated skills update (including BLS, IPC, EoL, NEWS, E-Documentation);
  3. Ward Simulation (participants will admit, care for and discharge patients in a simulated environment.

Debrief – at the end of the day, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their learning.

NMAHP Team (Valery Small, Yasmin Ali)