Newly qualified nurses, midwives and allied health professionals who are currently working within Barts health NHS Trust

On completion of this module,  participants will be able to:

1. assess and utilise good quality evidence and up to date knowledge to assess, plan/devise, deliver and evaluate the impact of care safely and compassionately

2. utilise critical reflection in clinical practice and justify how this enhances patient care

3. demonstrate the ability to competently carry out clinical area specific core skills enabling delivery of safe, quality, evidence based and compassionate care

4. demonstrate high quality care  which is person-centred, evidence-based; delivered based on clinical judgments and decisions agreed  in partnership with others involved in the care process including service users

5. select appropriate and relevant skills in order to communicate findings, influence change and promote health and best practice

6. select and utilise the appropriate and relevant knowledge, skills and understanding required to recognise when the complexity of clinical decisions require specialist knowledge and expertise, and consult or refer accordingly

  • Developing effective Communication among healthcare professionals
  • Research
  • Safer Staffing and HealthRoster
  • The role and responsibility of the registered practitioner in delivery of harm free care and  minimizing harm to patients and service users
  • Role of the registered practitioner in Mental Health awareness including delirium, dementia, Dols, MCA, and Learning Disabilities
  • Role of the registered practitioner in the Care of the Deteriorating Patient (SIREN)
  • The role and responsibility of the registered practitioner in leading and participating in continuous Improvement processes  (Quality Improvement) and ensuring patient safety
  • Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
  • Medicines management and safety- including IV Pump Training
  • Safe and effective management and Care of Invasive Devices
  • End of life care
  • Venepuncture and Cannulation
  • Pressure Ulcer prevention
  • Career progression


Please note that Midwifery, Paediatric and AHP practitioners will have some specialist area specific workshops. These will be agreed with Clinical Educators/Education Leads in the specific specialist areas.