Registered nurses, midwives, and allied health professionals who have completed an initial preceptorship module (phase 1 or equivalent); or as part of career development for existing registered practitioners who have recently progressed into a formal leadership role or aspire to such a position.

1) Critically analyse the impact of your leadership on yourself and others

2) Evaluate PDSA as a model for improving quality in healthcare and your area of practice

3) Design and undertake a small quality improvement (QI) project to transform an aspect of your service or practice

4) Critically reflect on the engagement and involvement of colleagues and other stakeholders in your QI project

5) Evaluate your project ideas and outcomes and disseminate results to colleagues and academic audiences

6) Critically reflect on the impact of your learning on your own professional development and practice

  • Exploring role of modern leadership theories and concepts in healthcare
  • Developing and enhancing own leadership through self awareness
  • Learning to manage people and performance/developing enterprise and governance skills (shift co-ordination, temporary staffing, budgets and performance)
  • Challenges to effective leadership in healthcare environment/human factors
  • Enabling others; developing and using coaching and mentoring skills to lead in practice
  • Planning and leading a quality improvement (QI) project in own service/area/practice
  • Enhancing own reflective practice