Registered practitioners  working at Band 6

  • Critically evaluate your role and responsibilities as a Band 6 clinical leader addressing the limits of your authority and the challenges of the service improvement/change management in your area
  • Critically evaluate own leadership experience in clinical practice and its impact on patient care delivery
  • Select and critically evaluate a recognized team development model and critically reflect on your on where your team is within the chosen model
  • Using Belbin’s Team Roles Inventory and 360 degree feedback, consider how your knowledge of your own team and their preferred roles can improve patient’s outcomes
  • Summarise your approach to leadership development taking into consideration the relationship to your registration code and the impact of research and evidence on patient care, safety and your leadership
  • Enhancing and refining previous skills, knowledge and experience and embedding the underpinning values related to the role of the Band 6 nurse, midwife and AHP
  • To develop knowledge, skills, behaviors and attitudes required for the role, creating a safe, effective, efficient, confident and competent Band 6 Practitioner who understands team dynamics, patient safety and establishing change within the workplace in order to benefit patient care and improve services
  • Empower the leaner as a critically reflective practitioner, developing their ability to problem solve, critically analyse situations and responses in their leadership role and be confident in their practice as a leader with the Barts Health

resources available on BOLD ( Barts Health On Line learning and Development)