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Advanced Clinical Practice Preceptorship Programme



This  6 month programme is aimed at staff who have recently completed the PG Diploma / MSc in advanced practice and are commencing their first  advanced practice role.

The course  will enable you to gain confidence and  further competence in health assessment, diagnosis, clinical decision making, non-medical prescribing (if appropriate) and the application of evidence-based practice.

By using a blended learning approach, we  aim to create a practice-focused, learner centred, flexible programme that develops your ability to understand the four pillars of advanced practice and  support you to:

  • Challenge advanced clinical practice
  • Engage in independent evidence-based decision making
  • Determine creative and innovative solutions to practice issues

You’ll be linked with a clinical preceptor who is an expert in your clinical speciality. You’ll also receive support from  the education academy faculty team .

 All workshops will be delivered online; we will provide all programme materials and joining links well in advance of each workshop.

The programme will begin with a 2-hour meet and greet session as an introduction to the programme, the Education Academy Faculty team and each other. There will be 4 further workshops split into 0.5 days, followed by action learning sets

Each participant will have 2 x coaching sessions to be arranged between participants and coach, with ideally session 1 at the beginning of the programme and session 2 at end.

Logo Aspiring Clinical Leaders

Aspiring Clinical Leaders

Band 6 nurses, midwives and Allied Health Practitioners (AHP) who have the full support of their line manager to attend this programme in its entirety. 

Creating an effective and efficient leader who understands team dynamics and establishing change, exploring and reflecting on the challenges of introducing and maintaining change within the workplace in order to benefit patient care and improve services

Empower the learner as a critically reflective practitioner, developing their ability to problem solve, critically analyse situations and responses in their leadership role and be confident in their practice as a leader within Barts Health.

9 Study Days in Total (1 per month) in a classroom room setting at Mile End Education Academy

30 Credits Level 7 Accredited Course by Middlesex University

We currently don't have spaces for this programme. Kindly contact ana.santos12@nhs.net to register your interest in this programme

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Barts Health AHP Preceptorship Programme

On starting work, newly registered AHPs (Allied Health Professions), from all professional backgrounds can often feel overwhelmed with the reality of clinical practice. There is much evidence nationally and internationally, that newly qualified health care professionals do not always feel supported in their transition period from student to registered practitioner.

This programme aims to address these issues by providing a structured framework of support and education, tailored specifically for AHPs.

The educational components of the programme will support the development of a flexible, competent and confident practitioner, that excels in delivering high quality compassionate care. The programme will be co-ordinated centrally through the Education Academy. The programme is constructed of 9 monthly Core Preceptorship skills and values workshops. Those that attend the programme will also be supported by a Preceptor in their workplace (through 1 to 1 meetings) and by the Preceptorship team throughout the 9 month programme.

Bookings for this course is done on our new booking systemhttps://booking.bartshealth.nhs.uk/courses/detail?id=7


Barts Health Preceptor Development Workshop

The aim of the Preceptor Development Workshop is for delegates to understand their role and responsibilities as a preceptor and develop confidence in carrying out their role. 

The preceptor role is key to preceptorship. The Preceptor is a guide, colleague, and a valuable and professional resource of help for the preceptee as they progress through their Preceptorship. 

Preceptorship is an important part of Post Registration Practice. Preceptorship should be provided under the guidance of a preceptor.

Preceptorship is a period of structured transition for the newly qualified practitioner (NQP). NQPs become accountable as soon as they are registered, and this transition from student to accountable practitioner is known to be challenging. The purpose of preceptorship is to provide support during this transition. Where, under the role of Preceptee, the NQP will be supported by a Preceptor to develop their confidence as an autonomous professional; refine skills, values and behaviours and to continue on their journey of life-long learning. 


Barts Health Preceptorship Programme for Newly Qualified Nurses, Midwives, and Newly Registered Nurse Associates

Booking for this course is done via the new booking system - https://booking.bartshealth.nhs.uk/courses/detail?id=8

For any Preceptorship related queries please contact:

Nurses, Midwives, RNAs Preceptorship Leads: Soniya Thomas: soniya.thomas@nhs.net  / Anna Marie Dormile: anna.dormile@nhs.net 

Education Practice Facilitator: Nika Enrera: nika.enrera@nhs.net 


Preceptorship Administrator: Mumta Begum: mumta.begum@nhs.net 

Senior Nurse Preceptorship and Post-Graduate Education: Abbie McFarlane: abbie.mcfarlane1@nhs.net

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Clinical leaders Educator Development programme


This  6 month programme is aimed at Nursing Midwifery and AHP clinical team leaders who support teams with responsibility for ensuring positive learner experience and outcomes. This includes the unregistered and registered workforce.

The course  will enable you to gain confidence, competence  and  further understanding in how to effectively lead a team that is committed to creating a positive learning environment ensuring a learner centred approach.

By using a blended learning approach, we  aim to create a practice-focused, learner centred, flexible programme that develops and strengthens your ability to lead a psychologically safe team/s and your ability to implement initiatives that enhance learner and patients/service user experience. Wellbeing is a crucial component of this programme as it is key in ensuring positive staff and learner experience as well as better outcomes for patients/service users.


All workshops will be delivered online; we will provide all programme materials and joining links well in advance of each workshop.


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Preceptorship Skills Practical day


Learn a safe, methodical approach to peripheral intravenous cannulation and venepuncture.

Familiarise with the different medical devices that they will encounter in clinical areas (Injectomat, volumat and T34).

Professionally registered healthcare practitioners, registered on the Preceptorship Programme, who will be undertaking peripheral IV cannulation and venepuncture/phlebotomy.

For further information regarding staff who have been trained and practiced in a previous post please consult Clinical Policy for Peripheral Venous Cannulation Insertion and Management

Mandatory V&C e-learning

Staff must complete the cannulation and venepuncture e-learning before booking/attending the session. 

Please bring evidence of completing both modules to the face to face session.

 Cannulation e-learning:

You will need to create an account the first time you access it and include your NHS Trust, Job Title & Clinical Area as a mandatory field. You need to achieve an overall score of 70%.

Access via this link : https://bbraunmedical.mylearningapp.com/login/signup.php

Once registration is completed, the system will ask you for enrolment key. Please use: Barts2021

Venepuncture e-learning:

You will need to create an account the first time you access it. The Training consists of 8 modules you must complete. You need to achieve an overall score of 70%.

Access via this link: 


Please bring evidence of completing both modules to the face to face session.  Candidates not able to provide evidence of completing all the required pre-course work will not be permitted into the session.

Specialism in Acute Medical Nursing

Specialism in Acute Medical Nursing

Acute medicine as a speciality has developed rapidly over the last number of years both nationally and internationally. It is defined as part of general (internal) medicine concerned with the immediate and early specialist management of adult patients who present to or from within hospitals as urgencies or emergencies.

The aim of the programme is to enable acute medicine nurses to develop their knowledge and skills in the assessment and management of acutely ill adults through theoretical knowledge, practical assessment skills and demonstration.

The module forms the foundation of a clear developmental career pathway in line with local, national and Registration Body continuing professional development requirements. Credits for this module can contribute to Master’s Degree award.

Suitable for registered practitioners such as adult trained nurses that work within the Acute Medical areas

Minimum of 9 months post registration experience in the clinical setting.

Must be able to attend all mandatory sessions and participate in the assessment. 

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Specialism in Older Peoples Nursing

Building on our already successful Trust Preceptorship Programme – this programme aims to ensure that each nurse is equipped with the most important skills and attitudes that they will need as a nurse in the National Health Service to care safely and compassionately for older people.

This developmental programme also enables a streamlined approached to career development and progression. To this end, a structured educational programme, underpinned by workplace-based competence assessments, support and supervision, and a formal curriculum to guide nurses through their career is provided.

The programme aims to develop and enhance knowledge, skills and behaviours in older people care nursing. Participants will have the opportunity to develop of leadership and management capabilities enabling them to improve the quality of older people nursing care.

Suitable for registered nurses with a minimum of 12 months post registration experience who want to develop skills and expertise in the care of older people.

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Specialism in Surgical Nursing (Fundamentals of Care: Surgical Nursing)

The module is designed for experienced surgical ward nurses with at least one year post-registration experience and evidence of successfully studying at Level 6.