All staff wanting to learn more about the MS office packages including Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Outlook.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

 Day 1:


  • Manage lists
  • Customise tables and charts
  • Customise formatting with styles and themes
  • Modify pictures in a document
  • Create customised graphic elements
  • Insert content using Quick Parts
  • Control text flow
  • Use templates to automate document creation
  • Use the mail merge function
  • Use macros to automate common tasks


  • Use advanced formulas
  • Organise worksheet and table data using various techniques
  • Create and modify charts
  • Analyse data using PivotTables, Slicers, and PivotCharts

 Day 2:


  • Customise the PowerPoint environment
  • Customise a design template
  • Add SmartArt graphics to your presentation
  • Add special effects to a presentation
  • Use various options to customise slide shows
  • Use PowerPoint to publish slides to a slide library
  • Secure and distribute presentations



  • Customise message settings
  • Organise and locate Outlook messages
  • Set calendar options
  • Track activities using the Journal
  • Assign and track tasks
  • Share folder information
  • Customise the Outlook environment

Day 1 – Word & Excel

Word Course Content:

  • Word Revision, Working efficiently with Word, Shortcuts, hints and tips
  • Tabs and Tables, Using tabs, Formatting tabs, Creating tables, Formatting tables, Inserting, deleting and moving columns and rows Splitting and merging cells, Style Formatting
  • Long Documents, Working with columns, Column breaks, Working with sections, Advanced headers and footers

Excel - Course Content:

  • Data Management - Creating lists, Sorting and filtering lists, Advanced filtering, Subtotals
  • PivotTables and PivotCharts
    • Using the PivotTable wizard
    • Modifying the PivotTable

Creating a PivotChart

Day 2 – Powerpoint & Outlook

Powerpoint - Course Content:

  • PowerPoint Revision
    • Working efficiently with PowerPoint
    • Using Outline view
    • Shortcuts, hints and tips
    • Working with Masters
  • Creating drawn objects, Moving, sizing and duplicating objects, Grouping and ungrouping objects, Aligning and distributing objects, Adding text to objects, Using AutoShapes, Clip Art and Word Art, Importing graphics
  • Advanced Animation, Adding slide transitions, Build effects on bullet slides, Custom animation, Creating a looping presentation, Setting slide timings, Running an automatic slide show

Outlook - Course Content:

  • Inbox -  AutoPreview and reading pane, Message options, Filing, sorting and finding messages
  • Calendar - Recurring appointments and all-day events, Scheduling meetings, Sharing calendars
  • Contacts - Working with contacts, Letters, emails and mail merge from contacts
  • Tasks - Creating tasks and recurring tasks, Using the task pad , Assigning tasks - Tracking task progress

JUSTIT - Training Provider



  • Create, edit and format spreadsheets
  • Navigate within worksheets and books
  • Use Insert Function to create built-in functions
  • Work with absolute references
  • Create named ranges
  • Create Tables within excel
  • Insert SmartArt graphics
  • Work with Themes
  • Sort and filter data
  • Open and navigate in a Word document
  • Browse the Internet