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Appraisal for managers

This half day appraisal workshop aims to equip managers and supervisors with the necessary skills required to carry out an effective performance review with their staff.   There will be strong emphasis on setting SMARTR objectives and providing effective feedback that will assist you in measuring your team's performance.



Preparing for your appraisal

Appraisal Training for Staff

This half day workshop will equip staff with the necessary skills required to effectively prepare for their annual performance review. There is a strong emphasis on the communication skills required to have an effective performance discussion as well as the opportunity to practice writing performance objectives.

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Budget holder training

As financial management continues to be a key priority throughout the Trust and the NHS, this workshop provides all budget holders with the know-how to manage the finances effectively.

Starting with the basics, this workshop covers all aspects of pay and non-pay budget statements, staff registers, stock, non-stock ordering, establishment control and best value.

As well as detailed presentations on the various topics, interactive group exercises provide a more informal yet effective way of getting to grips with the key issues.

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Challenging conversations for managers

A high impact programme which will help delegates recognise the importance of clear and honest communication and how, when done well, can be a major step to improving performance, whether at an individual, team, management, leadership or organisational level.

This highly participative course aims to help you develop the skills and have the confidence to hold challenging conversations with members of your team, and address issues and potential problems in a timely and effective manner and where possible avoid escalation to more serious issues.

The programme will provide delegates with the practical tools and techniques to utilise immediately when they return to the workplace.

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Communication skills

This half day highly participative workshop in which delegates will learn about the importance of effective communication and some of the tools and techniques that can be used to improve the way you communicate with others.

Complaints training

Complaints training

It can be difficult to know that a complaint has been made about you or a member of your team. It can be equally difficult to investigate such complaints, especially if you have never been involved in a complaint or an investigation before.

The Central Complaints Team delivers practical/virtual workshops on complaints handling across the Trust, to equip staff with the skills for dealing with complaints - the below modules are covered during the session:

  1. Patient Complaint Training- Investigating complaint
  2. Patient Complaint Training- Writing a good response
  3. Patient Complaints Training- Conducting a local resolution meeting
  4. Patient Complaints Training- Regulations, policy and independent reviews
  5. Patient Complaints Training- Using datix for caseload management

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Customer care training

This half day workshop, described by an attendee as “the best customer care workshop I’ve been on” explores the way in which we communicate with our patients, visitors and colleagues, using a theatre forum approach. Participants will watch professional actors play out different scenarios taken from patient feedback and then have the opportunity to replay what they have seen making positive changes along the way until an agreeable solution is found.

Disability awareness training

Disability awareness training

This half-day training will highlight issues around disability, raising awareness and understanding how to support colleagues by making reasonable adjustments in the workplace.

It will help colleagues to be mindful of our duty to give ‘due regard’ and support our Trust vision of providing compassionate and safe care. Participants will also be given updates on current legislation around these issues.

It is a highly interactive workshop with presentations, group exercises and the chance to ask questions throughout the session.

Appraisal training for managers

Equality, Diversity & Human Rights

E, D and HR inthe workplace

Improving assertiveness

Improving assertiveness

This workshop will enable you to understand your own behavioural styles and those of others, and also help you develop achievable techniques for communicating and behaving more assertively. You will learn how to be firm but fair and say 'no' when you need to.

Inclusion Ambassador – Signposting Colleagues to Channels for Raising Concerns

This half day training will focus on many workplace issues and how to improve the working experience for all staff. Participants will be equipped with information of the many channels available for raising concerns that require a resolution.

It will help colleagues to support themselves and other colleagues by signposting them to available confidential and independent services where they can get advice and or raise any issues they may have.

This programme supports the Trust’s WeCare values and its behaviors and the vision to provide safe and compassionate care.

It is a highly interactive workshop with presentations, group exercises and the chance to ask questions throughout the day

Inclusion Ambassador – Sitting on the Interview Panel

This one day training workshop will focus on facilitating a non-biased perspective in the recruitment and selection process. Exploring how to support recruitment panels in reaching an fair, factual and objective recruitment decisions.


Participants will be equipped with information work related diversity information. The workshop is designed to help participants to support themselves and others in building capacity for inclusive recruitment practice in the Trust. 

This workshop also  supports the Trust’s WeCare values and its behaviors and its vision to provide safe and compassionate.

It is a highly interactive workshop with presentations, group exercises and the chance to ask questions throughout the day

Interview skills

Interview skills workshop

This half day workshop takes a practical approach to help participants prepare for a job interview. There will be a strong emphasis on communication skills and the skills needed in handling interview questions in a confident manner.

Additional Information: Can you to bring a copy of a job description and person specification of a job that you would like to apply for.  This is used as resources for a group activity.

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Introduction to Medical Terminology

This session gives admin and clerical staff an understanding of general medical terminology. It offers an awareness of clinical services for all those working within healthcare.

Ally workshop Education Academy

LGBTQ+ Ally Programme

Overview: What does it mean to be an LGBTQ+ ally? Learn how can you can help support and advocate for your LGBTQ+ colleagues and patients. 

What should I expect? A friendly, relaxed learning environment with an emphasis on shared experience. LGBTQ+ 101 and raising your awareness of health inequalities in the UK. We welcome your questions and feedback.

Who is it for? Everyone and anyone who works at Barts Health. Student nurses currently on placement at Barts Health also welcome to apply.

Contact Details -

Minutes of a meeting course

Minutes of a Meeting

The course identifies the skills needed for producing minutes and is highly participative and made up of small and whole group exercises. All participants will be given the opportunity to write a set of minutes and to receive individual feedback on their work.

Modern Slavery Awareness

Raise awareness about modern slavery and Human Trafficking so Barts NHS Trust can be compliance with Modern Slavery Act 2015

MS Office trans

MS Office Training (2 days)

All staff wanting to learn more about the MS office packages including Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Outlook.

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NHS Pension Update - Virtual Seminars

NHS Pension Update - Virtual Seminars

This is a new service introduced to ensure that yourself & all your colleagues are fully supported with all NHS Pension advice or queries during the Coronavirus period.

The session will be delivered virtually through MS Teams

Presentation skills1

Presentation skills

The emphasis of this programme will be on participatory learning. During the day participants will give at least one presentation and receive feedback from the trainer and other participants. Where available, presentations may be subject to video playback in order to assist with learning.

Preventing bullying and harassment 1

Preventing bullying and harassment workshop

This one-day workshop will give you an insight into the causes, prevention, legislation and management of workplace bullying and harassment. It is a highly interactive workshop with presentations, group exercises and the chance to ask questions throughout the day.

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Risk Assessment and Incident Management training

1 hour presentation taking delegates through legislative requirements, what is deemed suitable and sufficient, and what to do when risk assessments have been written. How to ensure correct details of incidents are recorded


Serious Incident Investigation Training

This one-day serious incident investigations course offers candidates the chance to develop the skills and abilities necessary to undertake an effective serious incident investigation.   This interactive training course will provide participants with an understanding of the serious incident investigation process, including root cause analysis, in order to be able to undertake an effective investigation. It will use examples to illustrate the implementation of serious incident investigation practices as well as examples of effective working with patient/ families, staff involved and writing effective investigation reports

Time management1

Time management workshop

This workshop will provide staff with a range of tools and techniques to enable them to manage their time more effectively. Suitable for all staff.

PPE shortages spark crisis within a crisis

Together Apart – The Psychology of Covid 19

Worries and uncertainties about personal safety and the lack of PPE; overwhelming workloads; case complexity; inadequate support and the impact on our families health, are among the psychological stressors reported by health care staff during the pandemic.

This highly practical workshop will include presentations, discussion and experiential exercises. It will also draw on real life example of staff who worked here during the pandemic which will resonate with those who attend and prepare the way to look at positive strategies for psychological self-care and wellness.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:-

  • Understand the normal psychological responses experienced by frontline staff during pandemic situations
  • Recognise the psychological impact of physical distancing and physical barriers (PPE)
  • Be aware of signs of distress in oneself and colleagues and how one might best respond to them
  • Develop a workable personal plan for psychological self-care

Recognise the range of options available for psychological support and when to use or access them

** A light lunch will be provided for participants at 12:30 to enable the workshop to begin at 12:50 prompt **

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Train the trainer

A 3 day course designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to train and teach in your area/specialism. Topics include planning and delivery with varied learning styles, classroom management and direction to keep your learners engaged.

Delivered by two professionally qualified teachers, you will be participating in group work, learning activities with a 15 minute micro teach session delivered by you on day 3 to demonstrate your skills and learning from the previous 2 days. This course has been certified by CPD UK (certificate number A002997) and has a value of 21 CPD hours.

Pre course work needs to be completed before attending course. Please see confirmation email for pre course work.

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Unconcious Bias Training

Unconscious Bias in the Workplace