Effective Mentoring

Course overview

The course is a rich mixture of tutor input, individual tasks, and small group work. Every opportunity is taken for delegates to practise their individual skills so that, by the end of the day, everyone will feel more confident as a mentor. In addition, every delegate will have a better plan for their own personal development.

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Anyone in any discipline who is, or might become, a mentor.

  • Know how mentoring is different from coaching.
  • Know how to plan and manage a mentoring relationship.
  • Be able to support the mentee, whilst giving them the responsibility for their success.
  • Have practised the key inter personal skills involved in mentoring.
  • Leave with a firm action plan for immediate implementation


Introduction to mentoring.

The mentoring life cycle.

Trainer, Coach, Mentor, or Friend?

Developing interpersonal skills.

Mentoring in action.

The way ahead - Action planning

Delegates complete the 'Trainer, Coach, Mentor, or Friend? Questionnaire' and bring it to the course