Dealing with Challenging Behaviours

This course helps participants recognise the importance of clear and honest communication and how if done correctly is a major step to improving work relationships. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, unique ways of communicating, and working with others. However, personality clashes, disagreements and strong differences in opinion may sometimes mean that workplace relationships and behaviours become overly challenging and unacceptable.
The training aims to develop the skills and approaches of workplace staff to build confidence and aptitude when addressing the challenging behaviours of others.
The course gives participants a much clearer understanding of the correct ways to respond, cope and react to challenging behaviours and difficult situations, and to avoid further escalation whilst trying to maintain professionalism in the workplace.
You will learn practical tools and techniques to utilise immediately when you return to work.

All staff

  • On completion of this course, you will be able to:
     Recognise signs that behaviour is escalating to unacceptable levels
     Maintain your composure to deal with situations confidently
     Be more self confident
     Use specific communication strategies and tools to improve your workplace relationships
     Learn coping strategies to manage the impact of challenging behaviour
     Reduce stress and frustration levels

What are challenging behaviours?
 Understanding our own behaviour and its effect on others
 How others influence you
 Being assertive and recognising behavioural styles
 Handling difficult conversations and conflict
 Using positive language
 Dealing with others’ negativity
 Strategies that effectively diffuse difficult situations
 Essential skills for coping strategies

Adapt LTD


September:        21st – Room 6, Mile End Education Centre

October:             14th - Room 6, Mile End Education Centre

November:         8th - Room 6, Mile End Education Centre

All sessions 9.30-16.30