Clinical and non-clinical staff involved in teaching.

Understanding theory and practical aspects of facilitation.

Dealing with challenging behaviours.

Debriefing through understanding of human factor theory and frameworks.

Planning and preparing workshops.

This 6 month programme aims to support educators and those in teaching roles to develop core facilitation skills.


The Overall Aim of the Programme

The art and value of effective facilitation

Understanding processes including needs assessment, establishing aims and objectives and evaluation

Planning and preparing workshops

Meeting the needs of participants through a range of participatory facilitation techniques

Dealing with challenges and challenging behaviour

The use of facilitation skills

Enable participants to start debriefing with an understanding of some human factors theory and debriefing frameworks.

Assisting teaching using simulation based techniques.

Debbie Jurasz, Winnie George and Hafsoa Begum

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30/01/2020         Facilitation Skills: Theoretical concepts, planning workshop, evaluation

MEH Education Academy Rm6


20/02/2020         Facilitation Skills: Facilitation techniques                                                               

MEH Education Academy Rm 6


24/03/2020         Facilitaiton Skills: Dealing with challenging behaviour                                      

MEH Education Academy Rm 6


28/04/2020         Needs Led Workshop      


TBC        Simulation, Human Factors and De-Brief                                                              


TBC        Simulation, Human Factors and De-Brief