Train the trainer

Course overview

The 3 day course is designed to introduce you to some of the basics of classroom management, how to plan and deliver interesting and varied training sessions, and how to evaluate the impact of training. The training will be delivered by two professionally qualified teachers and will involve participative learning, group work, and a variety of learning activities. This course has been certified by CPD UK (certificate number A002997) and has a value of 21 CPD hours.

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Open to all staff who are responsible for teaching and training other staff.

  1. To develop awareness of different learning styles and how to meet the needs of learners 
  2. To develop skills in planning training, including timing, resources, activities and assessment of learning 
  3. To understand barriers to learning and how these can be managed 
  4. To develop skills in communication, presentation and classroom management 
  5. To understand the importance of course evaluation and use reflection to 8. inform your practice

Day one:

Understanding differences in learning styles, Honey and Mumford’s learning styles, and the VAK theory of learning

How to set aims and objectives

Planning training sessions

Designing effective resources

Keeping learners interested


Day two:

Understanding motivation and theories of motivation

Barriers to learning and how to overcome these

Improving communication skills

Delivering effective feedback

Active listening and questioning

Classroom management and dealing with challenges


Day three:

Delivering a micro-teach and receiving feedback

Effective assessment techniques

Evaluating impact of training

Becoming a reflective practitioner


Information will be attached to your confirmation upon booking this course. 

Train The Trainer, cohort 27  
4th March 2021 SR2, ANC, NUH
5th March 2021 SR2, ANC, NUH
19th March 2021 SR2, ANC, NUH
Train The Trainer, cohort 28  
9th June 2021 SR4, MEC, WXH
10th June 2021 SR3, MEC, WXH
24th June 2021 SR2, MEC, WXH
Train The Trainer, cohort 29  
11th November 2021 Room 6, MEH
12th November 2021 Room 6, MEH
26th November 2021 Room 6, MEH