Preventing bullying and harassment workshop

Course overview

This one-day workshop will give you an insight into the causes, prevention, legislation and management of workplace bullying and harassment. It is a highly interactive workshop with presentations, group exercises and the chance to ask questions throughout the day. 

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Open to all staff

  • To raise awareness of what bullying and harassment is and how it may arise
  • To identify individual responsibilities for preventing and dealing with bullying and harassment at workplace
  • To understand the legislative framework and Trust procedure around bullying and harassment. 
  • Trust yourself – focus on your strengths and your confidence will follow
  • The effects of bullying and harassment
  • Definitions of bullying and harassment
  • The legal context
  • Understand the terms of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Human Rights and how they are applied in the workplace.
  • Understanding how legislation, organisational policies and processes individuals to act appropriately and understand people’s rights.
  • How a proactive inclusive approach in the workplace can prevent Bullying and Harassment
  • Case studies
  • Appropriate behaviours
  • Communication skills
  • Characteristics of a bully
  • Understanding performance management
  • Conflict modes
  • What to do if you think you're being bullied
  • Where to get more help