The NHS Pension Update is designed for all Staff of all ages.

The Event is structured around 2 Main Topics:

  • The NHS Pension Scheme
  • Financial Planning

Each topic is supported by a Guest Speaker.

Seminar Feedback & Outcomes: 

  • “Now I understand the NHS Pension Scheme after paying in for so many years!”
  • “Really well delivered day. Well balanced & delivered with clarity & care”
  • “Good prompt to get a forecast on my NHS Pension”
  • “Really good overview of how to manage investments”
  • "Exceeded my expectations. What more can I say”
  • “Everything I needed to know was covered & more”
  • “Lots of information. Well worthwhile attending.”
  • “Prompted me to review my nominations for NHS Pension survivor benefits”
  1. NHS Pension Scheme
  2. Financial Planning