Introduction to medical terminology

Course overview

This session gives admin and clerical staff an understanding of general medical terminology. It offers an awareness of clinical services for all those working within healthcare. 

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This course is applicable for all staff that need a basic understanding of medical terminology as part of their role.

  1. The day consists of group and individual work including word exercises and quizzes. 
  2. This helps participants become confident in their understanding of how medical terminology originates. 
  3. At the end of the session there is a terminology tester as a final assessment. 


Each participant receives a full 'Medical Terminology Toolkit' for reference purposes.

  • Glossary of useful medical words including how medical terms are constructed 
  • Roots 
  • Suffixes 
  • Prefixes 
  • Basic language of prescribing 
  • Numbers 
  • Surgical procedures 
  • Symbols 
  • Common plural forms 
  • Abbreviations of qualifying degrees and further qualifications 
  • Classification of diseases 
  • Jargon 
  • Common abbreviations



All session - 9.30-16.30