Managing stress with mindfulness

Course overview

This stress-reduction course is both informative and practical, blending together practical information about the signs and symptoms of stress with an introduction to mindfulness, helping you learn to detach from negative thoughts and stressful feelings.

The course is co-delivered by two qualified psychology teachers. Karen Duarte is also a fully qualified mindfulness teacher conforming to the Mindfulness Network's Good Practice Guidelines.

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This programme is for any member of staff who would like to learn more about how to recognise the causes, symptoms and consequences of stress, and learn techniques in how to manage stress inside and outside of the workplace.

  1. To understand what stress is, the effect it has on the mind and body, and the short and long term consequences of stress on yourself and others 
  2. To be able to identify sources of stress and symptoms of this 
  3. To consider some physiological and psychological techniques to prevent and reduce feelings of stress 
  4. To understand how mindfulness practice can help achieve and sustain balance
  • Understanding stress and your physiological responses to stress 
  • Identifying stressors and stress symptoms 
  • Learning techniques to prevent and manage stress 
  • Practical exercises in mindfulness meditation