Improving assertiveness programme

Course overview

This workshop will enable you to understand your own behavioural styles and those of others, and also help you develop achievable techniques for communicating and behaving more assertively. You will learn how to be firm but fair and say 'no' when you need to.

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Open to all staff who feel they need support in dealing with people in an assertive manner or for whom this has been identified as a need in their PDP.

  1. Recognising the link between assertiveness, self-esteem and thoughts 
  2. Understanding your rights and responsibilities at work 
  3. Identifying the best approach to use when voicing ideas and opinions 
  4. How to say 'no' to unreasonable requests or assertively agree a solution 
  5. Dealing with criticism, feedback and manipulation effectively and positively 
  6. Understanding the importance of assertive voice and body language 
  7. Developing techniques for better working relationships using assertiveness
  • Identifying the characteristics of assertive, aggressive, and submissive behaviour 
  • “I’m OK, you’re OK” – understanding the underlying beliefs behind behaviour 
  • Rights and responsibilities 
  • The role of non-verbal communication 
  • How to make and refuse a request, receive and provide feedback assertively