Introduction to line management

Course overview

This programme will provide participants with the basic knowledge to become an effective manager. It covers topics such as performance management, how to plan and allocate work and how to establish your team.

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For those who have management responsibilities but no formal training.

  1. Know how to plan work in the workplace 
  2. Know how to allocate work to team members 
  3. Understand how to improve the performance of a team in delivering to plan 
  4. The value of assessing performance 
  5. Know how to manage performance of individuals in the team 
  6. Understand the value of feedback in the workplace 
  7. Know how to manage under performance in the workplace 
  8. Understand how to develop and maintain effective working relationships
  1. Leadership and management theory and practical application 
  2. Team development models 
  3. Practical exercises and group work 
  4. Performance management best practice 
  5. Assignment help and support