Institute of leadership and management (ILM) level 2 award in leadership and team skills

Course overview

An excellent programme that will provide participants with the core skills required to be an effective team leader. Topics will include developing yourself as a team leader, induction and coaching in the workplace and methods of communication in the workplace.

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Those who are working as team leaders or supervisors or aspiring to be in this type of role. 

  1. Understand the role and responsibilities of the team leader
  2. Be able to seek feedback on their workplace performance to identify
    strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement
  3. Understand how to integrate new members within the team
  4. Know how to coach individuals in the team
  5. Understand the importance of effective communication in the workplace
  6. Understand how to use methods to communicate effectively in the workplace 
  1. Module 1: Developing yourself as a Team Leader
  2. Module 2: Induction and coaching in the workplace
  3. Module 3: Methods of communication in the workplace 



Cohort 13 (FULLY BOOKED)   The Education Academy Mile End Hospital 
11th January 2018
1st February 2018
22nd February 2018 
15th March 2018 
24th April 2018 

Cohort 14 (FULLY BOOKED)   Alan Naftalin Education Centre, Newham University Hospital 
31st January 2018
21st February 2018
13th March 2018 
24th April 2018 30th May 2018 

Cohort 15 (FULLY BOOKED)   The Education Academy Mile End Hospital 
2nd May 2018
24th May 2018
13th June 2018 
4th July 2018 16th August 2018 

Cohort 16       The Learning Centre Whipps Cross University Hospital 
26th July 2018
16th August 2018
6th September 2018 
26th September 2018 
7th November 2018