Boost your confidence

Course overview

It's difficult to pin down the causes of confidence - or lack of it. Self-belief can blossom or suddenly drain away, just when we least expect it. The only sure thing is that we can't rely on others to supply it. But we're not helpless - far from it - and it's never too late to create your own bedrock of self-assurance and resilience. This highly practical and personally thought-provoking masterclass will challenge your self-doubt, and will provide you with the tools, exercises and templates to start building a more confident you. 

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Anyone who feels that they may be lacking in confidence and are willing to explore how they might enhance their effectiveness by following the approaches described above. 

  • To increase delegates confidence
  • Focus on your strengths and build on any areas of that require improvement
  • Learn from your setbacks 
  • Trust yourself – focus on your strengths and your confidence will follow
  • Learn resilience – stop judging yourself and learn from your setbacks
  • How confident are you? – a self analysis test to explore the extent to which your
  • Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - change your habits, change your mind
  • Your 'Do Something Different' action plan