Admin development programme

Course overview

Today's administrative professional needs flexibility and a broad portfolio of skills including self-motivation, assertiveness, and dealing with difficult people. You will benefit from this four day course if you are an administrator, ward clerk/receptionist, medical secretary or PA, who wants to enhance your administrative support skills, as well as evaluating your existing techniques. This highly participative four-day programme uses facilitated discussions, group activities and reflective time to provide a rich learning experience that can be applied directly back in the workplace.

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All those working in an administrative capacity.

  1. Understand the evolution of the role of administrators and support staff 
  2. Identify your areas of strength and improvement in the office environment 
  3. Be able to handle new challenges and responsibilities with confidence 
  4. Know motivates you at work 
  5. Be able to Influencing and assertiveness skills using effective non-verbal and verbal communication 
  6. Identify your preferred working style and relate it to your interaction with others 
  7. Understand how to make effective use of the time you have 
  8. Know when & how to take the initiative in solving problems 
  9. Demonstrate the skills to be an effective listener & note taker 
  10. Be able to provide excellent service on the telephone 
  11. Describe a variety of ways to deal with difficult situations 
  12. Manage the effect pressure has on you and others

Day 1 

The ever changing role of Administration & Support roles 

Personal objectives for the programme 

The evolving role of the administrative professional within healthcare 

Showing personal initiative in problem solving 

Communication effectively 

Questioning techniques and listening skills 

The significance of assertive behaviour 

Your rights and responsibilities 

How to deliver an assertive message 

Completion of a personal action plan 


Day 2 

Influencing Skills, Working styles and Time Management 

What is influencing? 

Building Trust 

The importance of positive language 

Exploring your working style 

The importance of self-motivation 

Planning & Time Management 

Setting goals 


Handling interruptions 

Completion of a personal action plan 


Day 3 

Telephone Skills and Taking Notes in Meetings 

Handling calls in a professional manner 

Communicating clearly to avoid or clarify misunderstandings 

Questioning and Listening 

Dealing with enquiries, complaints and take messages effectively 

Responsibilities of the note-taker 

Preparing for the meeting 

How to know what to write down 

Strategies for successful note taking 

Completion of a personal action plan 


Day 4 

Handling Difficult Situations & Building Resilience 

What is ‘Difficult’? 

Triggers that cause difficulty 

What people disagree about 

Turning concern into action