Nursing Midwifery and AHP Clinical team leaders with responsibility for teams that support learners in their clinical areas e.g. ward managers

  • In-depth understanding of the role team leader as an educator
  • Understanding processes including commissioning of education & training
  • Effective Planning and preparation of teaching
  • Prioritising our staff and learners well-being
  • Creating and enhancing a positive learning environment
  • Dealing with challenges and challenging behaviour
  • The use of facilitation skills
  • Human factors theory and debriefing frameworks
  • Understanding the needs of all our learners and effectively facilitating their learning

This  6 month programme is aimed at Nursing Midwifery and AHP clinical team leaders who support teams with responsibility for ensuring positive learner experience and outcomes. This includes the unregistered and registered workforce.

The course  will enable you to gain confidence, competence  and  further understanding in how to effectively lead a team that is committed to creating a positive learning environment ensuring a learner centred approach.

By using a blended learning approach, we  aim to create a practice-focused, learner centred, flexible programme that develops and strengthens your ability to lead a psychologically safe team/s and your ability to implement initiatives that enhance learner and patients/service user experience. Wellbeing is a crucial component of this programme as it is key in ensuring positive staff and learner experience as well as better outcomes for patients/service users.


All workshops will be delivered online; we will provide all programme materials and joining links well in advance of each workshop.

Winnie George, Debbie Jurasz, Anne Levington, Kade Mondeh, Lesley Richards, Shpresa Haliti

We will provide all programme materials and joining links well in advance of each workshop.