This half day interactive workshop will teach you about Venepuncture

Professionally registered healthcare practitioners designated assistant practitioners, and health care support workers who will be undertaking Venepuncture/Phlebotomy in their clinical practice.

For further information regarding staff who have been trained and practiced in a previous post please consult Venepcunture/Phlebptomy policy

  • · Recognises role and professional responsibilities related with the safe venepuncture practice
  • · Identifies the relevant anatomy and common sites for venepuncture
  • · Summarises the risks of venepuncture and the importance of safe technique (ANTT)
  • Demonstrates a safe, methodical approach to venepuncture
  • Infection Control & ANTT/Practical
  • Venepuncture demonstration and practice

For further information regarding this course or for any enquiries please contract:


Reymund Lim - Nurse Education Practitioner

Education Academy



Professionally registered healthcare practitioners, designated assistant practitioners and health care support workers who will be undertaking venepuncture/phlebotomy only in clinical practice.

This 2hour interactive workshop will teach you about venepuncture/phlebotomy.

Suitable for staff without previous training on Venepuncture.

It is mandatory to read all the information in the ‘more information/pre-course work and resources’ section prior to attending the course. Candidates who have not completed all the required pre-course work will not be permitted into the session.


Venepuncture e-learning:

Completing Venepuncture e-learning before attending the session is compulsory.

You will need to create an account the first time you access it online using the link below. The Training consists of 8 modules, which must be completed, and you need to achieve an overall score of 70%.

 Access via this link: