Venepuncture & Cannulation

Course overview

Learn a safe, methodical approach to peripheral intravenous Cannulation and venepuncture

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Suitable for staff without previous training on Venepuncture and Cannulation.

  • Learn a safe, methodical approach to undertaking peripheral intravenous Cannulation and Venepuncture of children (under age of 16).

Professionally registered healthcare practitioners (including preceptees), designated assistant practitioners and health care support workers who will be undertaking peripheral Cannulation and Venepuncture/Phlebotomy.

This one day interactive workshop will teach you about cannulation and venepuncture

For enquiries regarding this course please contact:

Oluwafiropo(Ropo) Olaofe (




Mandatory V&C e-learning

Staff must complete the cannulation and venepuncture e-learning before booking/attending the session.

Please bring evidence of completing both modules to the face to face session.

Cannulation e-learning:

You will need to create an account the first time you access it and include your NHS Trust, Job Title & Clinical Area as a mandatory field.

Access via this link :

Once registration is completed, the system will ask you for enrolment key. Please use: Barts2021

Venepuncture e-learning:

You will need to create an account the first time you access it. The Training consists of 8 modules, you must complete, and you need to achieve an overall score of 70%.

Access via this link:

It is mandatory to read all the information in the ‘more information/pre-course work and resources’ section prior to attending the course. Candidates not completing all the required pre-course work will not be permitted into the session.