Professionally registered healthcare practitioners, designated assistant practitioners and health care support workers who feel the need for more practice or refresh their knowledge and skills of peripheral IV cannulation and venepuncture/phlebotomy.

Demonstrates a safe and confident approach to undertaking peripheral intravenous cannulation and venepuncture in clinical practice.

This is a half day afternoon workshop consisting of :

  • Cannulation demonstration and practice
  • Venepuncture demonstration and practice

For enquiries regarding this course please contact:


Oluwafiropo (Ropo) Olaofe - Nurse Education Practitioner

Education Academy

Email: Oluwafiropo.Olaofe@Bart’


Ana Santos - Nurse Education Practitioner

Education Academy

Bart’s NHS Trust ana.santos5@Bart’


Maria Vinas- Nurse Education Practitioner

Education Academy

Bart’s NHS Trust maria.vinas@Bart’



Not mandatory but recommended to complete the following:

e-learning cannulation and venepuncture course before booking/attending the session.

  • E-Learning pass score of >70% (if applicable)
  • Practical Assessment during training

Completion of Cannulation and Venepuncture competence workbook within 3 months of training (if applicable)

Cannulation e-learning:

It is recommended that staff complete the e-learning cannulation course before booking/attending the session with a pass score of over 70%. Staff will require their ESR cards to do the e-learning course. Attendees can print a screen page or take a photo shot of their results as evidence if they want to.

The e-learning Module is:

000 B. Braun Peripheral Cannulation e-Learning Theory Module

Click on below link:

Venepuncture e-learning:

You will need to create an account the first time you access it. The Training consists of 8 modules, you must complete, and you need to achieve an overall score of 70%.

Access via this link: