Any mentor, practice supervisor or practice assessor who are supporting an undergraduate learner, working towards a NMC recordable qualification.


  • To list of key knowledge and skills in supervising and assessing learners
  • To identify new roles and the responsibilities of the tripartite approach
  • To identify aspects of the Practice Assessment Document (PAD) and Ongoing Achievement (OAR) for roles and responsibilities of Practice Supervisors (PS) and Practice Assessors (PA) and those of others
  • To identify curriculum programme outcomes
  • To identify roles and responsibilities of new roles


  • Introduction to Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment (SSSA)
  • Outline key knowledge and skills of the Practice Supervisor (PS) and Practice Assessor (PA)
  • Define roles and responsibilities of the Practice Supervisor, Practice Assessor and the Academic Assessor (AA)
  • Overview of new Practice Assessment Document (PAD) and Ongoing Achievement (OAR)
  • Overview of new curriculum proficiencies
  • Case study to reflect assessment decisions

Colin Taylor

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