General Pain and PCA (Adult)

Course overview


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All registered nurses working in areas that care for adult patients with PCA

    • Revise the pain mechanism
    • Discuss the aim and importance of pain assessment and the challenges in assessing pain in particular groups of patients
    • Discuss pain management strategies, including multimodal analgesia
    • To develop skills necessary for managing patients on PCA, local anaesthetic infusions (PVB/Peripheral Nerve Catheters) and epidural infusions
    • Define PCA, PVB, peripheral nerve catheters and epidural infusions
    • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of PCA, local anaesthetic infusions and epidural infusions
    • Understand the anatomical position of a PVB and epidural catheter
    • Understand the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the medications used in PCAs, local anaesthetic infusions and epidural infusions
    • Recognise serious potential complications and red flags
    • Understand your duties and responsibilities

Theoretical and practical aspects of general pain management, pain assessment, multimodal analgesia, and PCA delivery.