Domestic Abuse Level 3

Course overview


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Staff who provide ongoing support in the community or provide safeguarding advice to staff

The purpose of the session is to build on the learning from the level 2 study guide. On completion of the session the trainee will:

  • Have an understanding of the impact of domestic abuse on those affected and the role and responsibilities of health professionals in providing a response.
  • Be more confident in asking direct questions about domestic abuse and having an understanding of factors that affect people’s decision not to disclose.
  • Have a greater understanding of the tools that will assist risk assessment. 
  • Have knowledge of the variety of borough specific and wider specialist services available to support people affected by domestic abuse and how to access them.
  • Be able to provide on going safety advice.

Exercise to consider what makes it difficult to disclose domestic abuse.
Exercise to discuss different ways of asking about abuse.
Presentation on services supporting people affected by domestic abuse, risk assessment, referrals and pathways.

 Case study exercise

Safety planning exercise

Attendees are expected to have completed Domestic Abuse level 2 study guide and quiz