Bart’s Health 3rd year placement nursing students of the Adult Branch (LSBU; City; Middlesex and Greenwich Universities)

  • · Recognises role and professional responsibilities related with the safe intravenous Cannulation & venipuncture practice
  • · Identifies the relevant anatomy and common sites for peripheral intravenous cannulation and venepuncture
  • · Summarises the risks of intravenous Cannulation & venepuncture and the importance of safe technique (ANTT)
  • · Demonstrates a safe approach to peripheral intravenous cannulation and venepuncture
  • Infection Control & ANTT/Practical
  • Cannulation demonstration and practice
  • Venepuncture demonstration and practice

For enquiries regarding this course please contact:


Oluwafiropo (Ropo) Olaofe - Nurse Education Practitioner

Education Academy

Email: Oluwafiropo.Olaofe@Bart’




Ana Santos - Nurse Education Practitioner

Education Academy

Bart’s NHS Trust ana.santos5@Bart’



Irene Martinez – Nurse Education Facilitator

Education Academy

Email: Irene.Martinez@Bart’



Mandatory V&C e-learning

Staff must complete the cannulation workbook and venepuncture course before booking/attending the session.

Please bring a prove of evidence to the face to face session once you have completed the e-learning modules.


  • E-Learning pass score of >70%
  • Practical Assessment during training


Venepuncture e-learning:


You will need to create an account the first time you access it. The Training consists of 8 modules, you must complete, and you need to achieve an overall score of 70%.

Access via this link: