Professionally registered healthcare practitioners that undertake the role of assessor/supervisor such as PDNs; clinical assessors; mentors; experienced phlebotomist and preceptors

  • Understands the theory that underpins adult learning and competency based assessment
  • Critically assesses learners undertaking venepucnture and cannulation

This course is a afternoon half day session which consists of:

  • Discussion of adult learning and competency based assessment
  • Set up and preparation for teaching a practical skill
  • Cannulation demonstration and practice
  • Venepuncture demonstration and practice

For enquiries regarding this course please contact:


Reymund Lim - Nurse Education Practitioner

Education Academy



Ana Santos - Nurse Education Practitioner

Education Academy

Barts’s NHS Trust ana.santos5@Barts’


Irene Martinez – Nurse Education Facilitator

Education Academy

Email: Irene.Martinez@Barts’



There is pre-reading required - MUST BE DONE BEFORE ATTENDING THE COURSE

Please bring a prove of evidence to the face to face session once you have completed the e-learning modules. (screenshot; paper or electronic evidence are both accepted)

Completion of Venepuncture and Cannulation competency 

Venepuncture e-learning:

You will need to create an account the first time you access it. The Training consists of 8 modules, you must complete, and you need to achieve an overall score of 70%.

Access via this link: 

Cannulation e-learning (New e-learning implemented in February 2021)

 Please email to receive your e-learning details.