ACS: Tracheostomy Foundation Tracheostomy Training

Course overview

To equip staff who are caring for adult patients with a tracheostomy, with up-to-date practical skills and knowledge to ensure patient safety and best practice. Skills stations cover care of the tracheostomy, resuscitation, emergency tube change and suctioning.


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Designed for clinical staff (non-paediatric nursing, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists)

  • Demonstrate safe daily care and management of a tracheostomy patient
  • Demonstrate safe suctioning technique
  • Identify sequence of steps involved with a tracheostomy tube change tube
  • Demonstrate adherence to emergency tracheostomy algorithm
  • Relate and implement the weaning process to each tracheostomy patient

Candidates will attend lectures and participate in skill stations of care of the tracheostomy, suctioning, resuscitation, emergency tube change and emergency tracheostomy management. Candidates undertake a true/false paper and demonstrate via an OCSE the safe management of a tracheostomy emergency.

Multi professional members of the Tracheostomy Working Group

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