ACS: Leads

Course overview

To build upon knowledge and skills required to manage acute deterioration in adult patients. Participants are senior nursing staff (Bands 6-7) and are encouraged to employ leadership and active followership skills during the management of the unwell patient. This is a 2 day course with a summative OSCE for course assessment.

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It is designed for senior nursing staff (Bands 6-7*) and physiotherapists working within secondary care amongst the acute specialisms. *Senior Band 5 nurses who take charge of ward also can attend. 

Applicants must have attended and passed REACT and SIREN and possess knowledge of pathophysiology of common acute disease processes, for example respiratory failure, cardiac dysrhythmias, arterial blood gas interpretation

  • Critically evaluate and contextualise clinical data and justify the link with underlying pathophysiology. 
  • Recognise the subtlety and variety of presentation of critical illness within an increasingly complex inpatient population.
  • Employ leadership and active followership skills during the management of the unwell patient.
  • Justify the selection and implementation of appropriate diagnostic investigations to guide management.
  • Communicate complex information effectively with members of the multidisciplinary team and influence decision-making.
  • Workshops to address a number of the more common presenting conditions, providing a structured approach to the pathophysiology, initial assessment and management of the acutely ill patient.
  • Human factors : introduce leadership/followership, communication, teamwork.
  • Critical Thinking & Diagnostic reasoning (patient case studies)
  • Communication skills in acute care & SBAR
  • OSCE assessment method

This course should be completed after Tracheostomy care.

Pre-reading within LEADs course and Resources section

Completion of a pre course MCQ, both accessible via Moodle.

Please log into Moodle for all Acute Care Skills course pre-reading, modules & e-learning and resources