Designed for clinical staff (non-paediatric nursing, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, medics) who have completed the Foundation Tracheostomy Course

  • Understand the physiological effects of tracheostomy insertion and impact on respiratory mechanics. 
  • Understand the pharmacological management of tracheostomy patients
  • Discuss the impact of tracheostomy on speech and swallow
  • Understand the differences between Tracheostomy and Laryngectomy
  • Discuss and clinically reason recommendations for tracheostomy weaning
  • Understand the actions required to demonstrate competency in tracheostomy changes
  • Increase knowledge of safe tracheostomy management in hospital and in the community

A one day advanced course for staff on designated adult ward areas that care for patients with tracheostomies on a regular basis. Candidates will build upon knowledge learnt on the foundation tracheostomy course, learning skills and knowledge around pharmacological management, impact of tracheostomy on speech and swallowing, tracheostomy weaning, community management and practical skills of changing a tracheostomy.

The Advanced Tracheostomy course has been running for a year and are increasing the number of courses to six monthly. The course is aimed at practitioners working regular with tracheostomy patients who have completed a foundation tracheostomy course. The aim of the course is to provide a good knowledge of the complete management of the tracheostomy patient from insertion to decannulation including addressing communication needs and strategies and management of airway secretions. 

The course is organised by Freya Hickey Clinical Lead Head and Neck Speech and Language Therapist, Musie Tsehaye Senior Respiratory Physiotherapist and Alice Bruce Highly Specialist Cardio-respiratory Physiotherapist.


Alice has been working at Barts Health for 4 years specialising in cardiorespiratory specifically intensive care and complex cardiac surgery. She has significant knowledge of managing patients with tracheostomies including patients with low awareness and complex respiratory disease. Alice is a member of the tracheostomy ward round at St Bartholomew’s  and difficult airway group.  Additional to this she is a member of the Simulation immersion training team with experience of teaching on multiple courses for Physiotherapists. Having completed her degree Alice has also started her Masters in Advanced Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy.

Freya joined Barts Health in 2011 and currently manages the Head and Neck SLT team. The team specialises in the management of head and neck oncology, ENT, airway and oral/maxillofacial disorders. Freya has significant knowledge of communication, swallowing and airway disorders within this area including complex tracheostomy and laryngectomy management.  Following her Speech and Language Therapy degree, Freya obtained a Masters in Clinical Research and holds an NIHR Clinical Fellowship.

 Musie has been working at Barts Health since 2014 as a specialist respiratory physiotherapist in critical care and neuro-trauma rehabilitation. Immersed at the Royal London’s trauma critical care unit, Musie has specialist knowledge in acute respiratory and tracheostomy care in a variety of conditions including spinal cord injuries, severe respiratory pathologies and complex polytraumas. As an avid member of the simulation immersion team (SIM), Musie is very passionate to deliver a high calibre of teaching. He has a keen interest in long term tracheostomy weaning, and is passionate to optimise the delivery of tracheostomy care as a member of the cross site tracheostomy working group.


PLEASE NOTE: 'All candidates must complete the Barts Foundation Tracheostomy course prior to booking onto this course'

Course Details:

Course Title: Advanced Tracheostomy Course

Course Date: Friday 7th July 2023

Location: MEH Education Academy, Room 5A

Capacity: 30 internal staff

Duration: 8:30am – 5pm