Bedside Emergency Assessment Course for Healthcare Staff (BEACH) 

Course overview

The BEACH Course is an educational programme designed and aimed at unregistered healthcare staff (bands 2-4) working in enhanced care or acutely ill and critical care who’s role may require them to act as ‘first responder’. The programme will equip staff to use increased skills, knowledge and confidence using a structured and prioritised approach in the initial recognition, assessment, care escalation and handover of the acutely ill, deteriorating and critical care patients

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Unregistered bands 2 - 4

  • A Structured approach to the assessment of at risk people
  • The physiology and importance of vital signs, prompts to initiate and how and when to recognise and respond promptly using an early warning scoring system
  • To undertake an A–H patient assessment using a ‘look, listen, and feel’ approach
  • To understand and interpret the other softer signs of clinical deterioration in people
  • The importance of a prioritised approach to assessment, management and escalation of a person who is deteriorating, within their individual scope of practice
  • To use a structured tool SBAR to handover effectively to the responder

The BEACH Course is aimed at unregistered healthcare staff in the health care setting to teach and understand how to recognise deterioration in patients and teaches a structured and prioritised approach to assessment, care and escalation of concerns.

Athmajothi Husson
Oluwafiropo Olaofe
Davida Insaidoo
Olajumoke Aina


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