Preceptor Development Workshop

Course overview

The aim of the Preceptor Development Workshop is for delegates to understand their role and responsibilities as a preceptor and develop confidence in carrying out their role.

The preceptor role is key to preceptorship. The Preceptor is a guide, colleague, and a valuable and professional resource of help for the preceptee as they progress through their Preceptorship.

Preceptorship is an important part of Post Registration Practice. Preceptorship should be provided under the guidance of a preceptor.
Preceptorship is a period of structured transition for the newly qualified practitioner (NQP). NQPs become accountable as soon as they are registered, and this transition from student to accountable practitioner is known to be challenging. The purpose of preceptorship is to provide support during this transition. Where, under the role of Preceptee, the NQP will be supported by a Preceptor to develop their confidence as an autonomous professional; refine skills, values and behaviours and to continue on their journey of life-long learning.

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All Registered Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals (NMAHP) with more than 1 year of practice experience as a registered professional who intend to support a Preceptee through Preceptorship

By the end of the session, delegates will: 

  • Understand the National Preceptorship Framework for Nursing, Midwifery & Capital AHP Preceptorship Framework
  • Understand the role of preceptor, the responsibilities and the documentation. 
  • Be able to agree learning needs and set objectives 
  • Have an increased awareness of giving feedback 

Matthew White, Soniya Thomas, Anna Marie Dormile, Nika Enrera

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