Barts Health AHP Preceptorship Programme

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All AHP (Allied Health Professionals) Newly Qualified Practitioners

(ODP, Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Diagnostic & Therapeutic Radiographers and Orthoptists)

Become a competent and confident AHP practitioner who can excel in terms of delivering excellent patient care, delivering the Bart’s health values, integrating up to date evidence-based practice and safe quality care.

Manage the spectrum of challenges in clinical practice including clinical skill development, quality improvement methodology, leadership and management development.

Utilise inter-professional learning experiences to imbed universal knowledge and skills aligned to the needs of all AHPs professional development.

Leadership Development

During this 12 month (12 study days) inter-professional Preceptorship Programme “We want to help you understand how your leadership behaviours affect the culture and climate you, your colleagues, and teams work in. Whether you work directly with patients and service users or not, you will realise what you do and how you behave will affect the experiences of patients and service users of your organisation, the quality of care provided, and the reputation of the organisation itself” (Healthcare Leadership Model 2013). We believe that having the Foundations in Leadership and management (FLM) element as part of this outstanding Preceptorship programme will give all learners the confidence and competence to lead and influence change at all levels in this ambitious organisation and beyond.

Knowledge On completion of this module successful participants will be able to:

a. Assess and utilise good quality evidence and up to date knowledge to plan, deliver and evaluate the impact of care safely and compassionately.

b. Use critical reflection in clinical practice and justify how this enhances patient care.

Skills: This module will require for the successful participant/s to demonstrate:

a. The ability to competently deliver specific clinical core skills enabling delivery of safe, quality, evidence based and compassionate care.

b. High quality care which is person centred, evidence based and delivered based on clinical judgements and decisions agreed in partnership with others involved in the care process including service users.

c. The selection of appropriate and relevant skills in order to communicate findings, influence change and promote physical and mental health and wellbeing, and best practice.

d. The ability to select and utilise the appropriate and relevant knowledge, skills and understanding required to recognise when the complexity of clinical decisions require specialist knowledge and expertise, and consult or refer accordingly.

On starting work, newly registered allied health care practitioners (AHPs), from all professional backgrounds can often feel overwhelmed with the reality of clinical practice. There is much evidence nationally and internationally, that newly qualified health care professionals do not always feel supported in their transition period from student to registered practitioner.

This programme aims to address these issues by providing a structured framework of support and education, tailored specifically for AHPs, delivered in consideration of the variety of AHP working environments and developmental pathways so that content is engaging and relevant for all AHPs.

The educational components of the programme will support the development of a flexible competent and confident AHP practitioner. The programme will be co-ordinated centrally through the Education Academy. The programme has 2 distinct components which are, Core Preceptorship skills and values workshops, and our new and unique Foundation in Leadership and Management (FLM) apprenticeship.

Matthew White, Hafsoa Begum, Soniya Thomas, Maria Vinas, Anna Marie Dormile, Ana Santos, Irene Martinez ,Winnie George, Oluwafiropo Olaofe, Vena Lumpaguid, Nicky Riley

Pre-coursework/e-learning will be sent before commencement date

The programme is delivered using a blended learning approach and some programme components are achieved through eLearning while others through attending virtual or face to face workshops.

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