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As we respond to the challenges of rising demand, growing numbers of individuals with more complex health needs, an ageing population and new models of care, education and training has never been more important.

As Barts Health, one of the largest healthcare providers in Europe, we have a unique opportunity to influence the care of patients, our local population's health and the skills of our staff by providing outstanding education and training.

What we do

The Education Academy currently provides clinical placements for 2,500 medical undergraduate students and trains 1,040 junior doctors, over 800 children, adult nursing and midwifery students and 275 AHPs. We provide resuscitation skills training, moving and handling, simulation and clinical skills training and a range of skills based short courses, as well as ensuring the trust achieves high levels of compliance for its statutory and mandatory training.

Our overall aim is to continuously develop, deliver and evaluate a portfolio of education and training which promotes a patient focussed learning and multi professional culture, anticipates and responds to the changing demands of the health economy, and helps to ensure an appropriately skilled workforce, equipped to deliver new models of care.

At the heart of our approach to learning is linking education and development to the systematic acquisition and deployment of skills needed to build a culture of learning and continuous improvement across Barts Health.

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HEE Quality Framework

Quality is key to everything we do and we use the Health Education England (HEE) Quality Framework to ensure our programmes reflect the latest developments in educational thinking and respond to the emerging models of care and service transformation.

What we provide

The Trust is committed to ensuring that all staff are supported in acquiring and developing the skills and knowledge they need to carry out their work safely and effectively and to achieve their full potential through career and personal development.

As an employee of Barts Health, there are many learning and development opportunities available through the Education Academy, some of which are designed for particular professions or for people at certain stages in their career, others are available to everyone.

To ensure equality and accessibility across the Trust, our educational opportunities include a wide range of classroom training, practical hands-on workshops and e-learning options, some of these lasting just a few hours and others extending over several days, weeks or months and leading to nationally recognised qualifications.

The Education Academy also has an eCPD app which provides employees with access to a wide range of training resources, both clinical and non-clinical. The app provides a platform to promote interactive and engaging learning for all our employees, and for employees to have mobile access to continuing professional development.

Members of staff can also submit modules and gain authorship credits on a range of specialist subjects. 

It is free to download on smart phones including Windows and Android phones by searching for “eCPD” on Google Play and can also be downloaded on iPhones from the App store.

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